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Lumberton Independent Living Campus (LILC) is an Affordable Housing Development exclusively for Active 55+ and disabled residents 21 and older.

Located directly behind Independence Plaza, in Lumberton, NJ, the 128-unit development consists of 88 one-bedroom units, 44 two-bedroom units and a four-bedroom Shared Housing Facility.

LILC's unique housing community offers its residents a rare combination of local conveniences. Conveniently located on Route 38 and accessed by bus transportation, we are within walking distance of a host of retail and medical services.

Our community concept offers our residents affordable and accessible housing, services and specialized resources, all targeted to provide each resident with the opportunity to maintain independence and live a productive life.


Conveniently located on Route 38W in Lumberton, NJ

Accessible to:

Local services and retail include Shop Rite, Lowes, CVS, Wawa, Virtua Hospital, NovaCare, and Mt. Holly Family Foot Care.

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How we're staying safe

Our applications are now 100% virtual, to help you and our residents stay safe during these trying times.

Just click on the "More" icon above and Apply Now! 


Type in your application, sign your name and hit "Send".

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